A Graphic Novel

by Brian Essig-Peppard & Mark Mather 

ZEROES FOR HIRE is the brainchild of Mark Mather and Brian Essig-Peppard. It dives deep into the white-knuckle, larger than life, and hilarious lives of a band of globetrotting misfit mercenaries while on the adventure of a lifetime! As guns for hire, the ZEROES battle vicious opposition on all sides while leaving behind their calling card of chaos and general awesomeness! (and literally leaving calling cards.. because, you know.. they're contractors)

"This seems... a little far fetched." - A overly logical reviewer.

"I hope none of them get sick, because that's a lot of bombs ... and jumps!" - An awesome 2nd Grader with chocolate on his face.

Where will we be killin' it next?.. Phoenix Comicon!! Can't wait! Brian Essig-Peppard, co-creator, writer, and artist for ZEROES FOR HIRE will be there! Come meet the ZEROES team!


What's that? I have two and a half days to make a substantial profit, chat with two childhood heroes, give smiles to thousands of new fans, get on a first name basis with dozens of highly talented contemporaries, and stroll right up to comic book icons and walk away having them say they wish we were in the industry already? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

Planet Comicon in Kansas City, KS was a HUGE success! Aside from getting the opportunity to meet so many great fans of the industry, and talk up our project to many many new people, we got the opportunity to introduce the graphic novel and the art to the likes of LeVar Burton, Tim Sale, Serena Guerra, and Darwin Cooke!!! They were each so gracious with their time and thoughtful feedback - and most of all their encouragement!

We had an absolute blast at the Rocky Mountain Con in Colorado, November 9th and 10th!! Was a wonderful way to support the charity group Aurora Rise and we met a lot of wonderful talent in the area! See you next year!

Glad to see you're devoted enough to scroll to the bottom! Now go read the graphic novel again! And tell a friend, fool!
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